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How STEMCELL Technologies utilized Google Workspace to increase productivity

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The Client

STEMCELL Technologies provides high-quality cell culture media, cell separation technologies, instruments, accessory products, and educational resources to scientists around the world working on stem cell, immunology, cancer,regenerative medicine, and cellulartherapy research.
Six Factor partnered with this Vancouver-based global biotechnology company to optimize their existing SaaS licence structures and actively deliver a tailored curriculum to staff teams.

The Fundamental Challenge

With a dozen locations across the globe and a strong distributor network in 25 countries, STEMCELL needed to stay focused on their business. They had already realized the benefits of Google Workspace, but were locked into a costly one-size-fits all contract.
Further, staff engagement and adoption rates of the product set were low, which meant that STEMCELL were notrealizing the full benefit of being on Google’s collaborative cloud platform.

Our Solutions

Tailored Managed Services Program

As Western Canada’s leading Google Cloud Partner, Six Factorleveraged its relationship with Google to package the optimal combination of licence types that made the most sense for STEMCELL’s business.

With this multi-tiered approach, STEMCELL realized tighter alignment to the varied role dynamics in the organization (managers had access to better data), gained immediate cost reductions, and found better governance and continuity with their enterprise-owned data.

The program also included a robust education and learning curriculum to orient new and existing staff teams. Offered as two interactive foundation labs, employees received the most up-to-date information and knowledge forthe core Google Workspace applications.
This learning equipped them to know how to get the most out of theirtools, which resulted in improvements to STEMCELL’s frontline adoption rate and increased overall productivity forthe business.

Our Approach


In today’s business world, we see the pace of change accelerating, and companies need the capability to move fast and align with internal and external teams to succeed.
With remote working part of the norm, Google Workspace gives yourteams the tools they need to communicate and collaborate instantly and effectively.


It is no coincidence that in everything we do, the word PEOPLE always comes first.
Our corporate tagline of “People · Process · Tools’’ reminds us with relentless passion and persistence why Six Factor exists: “To inspire people to achieve their greatness”realized through our mission to “Bring Purpose, Add Innovation, Deliver Value”.


Our mission is simple: craft successful value-based solutions.
Six Factor’s core business purpose is to provide great products and services that our customers fall in love with.
We are only as good as ourlast engagement — and by achieving incredible results, we seek to develop our clients into ambassadors for our company.


Six Factor started with a vision that drove an ambition that brought us to here and now — to design products that our clients will love.
The products we create help others build their products better, and to bring business performance, skills, and capability to organizations based in Western Canada.


Google Cloud Platform provides serverless computing environments with less maintenance and less down time than on-premise servers, and more time to take care of your business.
Six Factor offers a range of services that help yourteam to improve productivity and collaboration.


Our enhanced Education + Learning curriculum can enable yourteams to adopt Google’s secure cloud-based apps — Drive, Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Calendar, and Meet — and give you the training and orientation needed to get things done.
We offerfoundation labs, enhanced education, and bite-sized learning options.


Six Factor provides Google Cloud Platform and Google Workspace subscribers with:

Direct access - to Google’s extended Support Services, and flexible multi-tiered licence architecture

Google Workspace and Cloud expertise - to assist you and your business teams to develop best-in-class work practices and solutions

Guidance and interactive learning - in both business practice and technical administration

Early insights - on what is coming next from Google and how to be ready to take full advantage of new innovations.

Coaching and learning - for your people so they feel empowered with the right skills and can achieve the most effective work practices and techniques

Migration services - forlegacy Google accounts and other platforms

Expanded SaaS services - including second-tiertechnical support, licence management, and third-party products