Being Risk Aware of Global Malware Ransom Attacks

Be safe in a hostile world and protect your data for the risk of online ransom malware cyberattack.

Protect yourself from the growing risk of cyber attacks!

Six Factor – a Leading Google Partner responds…

When over 150 countries and thousands of organizations were cyber terrorized in the recent phising malware attack. CIOs were left thinking:

“How do I ensure my organization is being safeguarded from similar threats?”


Some Peace of Mind

Luckily a kill switch was found in the code of the recent virus — a single domain which when registered, prevented further infections from taking place. There is nothing stopping the perpetrators from removing the domain check and renewing their attack on a company’, therefore it is vital that any vulnerable systems are patched as quickly as possible.

Six Factor has some sound advice. “Don’t panic, upgrade the gaps in your business security solution and educate your staff about vulnerabilities to email attacks,” says Andy Parkins, Six Factor’s CEO and Chief Architect.

Identify the total online risk to your business.
Protect against risk with next level security standards.
Maintain a keen awareness of changing and emerging risk.

Risk Assessment

Six Factor provides a comprehensive risk assessment solution that helps your business identify risks, potential areas for data breaches, and opportunities for improving business practices to improve security.

Security Upgrades

We work with your team members to address issues; upgrading your security until it satisfies the best practices for Cloud management from leading tech companies like Google.

Risk Monitoring

Once best practices in security are established, we help you monitor and evaluate progress to ensure that your company’s security remains ahead of the industry standard.

Is there a more effective and secure option to on-premise infrastructure?

Yes. The same platform Google uses to supply you with trusted searches, is now available for holding and processing your data.


Here are our top 5 questions to ask your leadership team in light of a recent attack:

  1. Do we have a contingency for when our Business Continuity Plan falls victim to cybercrime?
  2. Is there someone in the organization charged with coordinating a response?
  3. Are you monitoring recent incidents to ensure the systems are evolving based on known threats?
  4. Can we respond to a threat without significantly impacting or stalling business operations?
  5. Have we optomized our DKIM, SPF, DMARC records against phishing attcks? –  you will be glad you followed this best practice 

If the answer is NO or not sure to any of these questions, then you should consider the Google cloud platform to realize your risk management goals and secure your data.

As Google’s leading partner for Western Canda, Six Factor will assist you in the upgrade process at no additional cost to one of the most secure platforms available. Contact us for a complimentary assessment of your current business IT risk. Our goal is to help protect you by shifting to a secure cloud platform. For more information see our R.O.A.R. white paper.