Parkins is awarded Rookie Mentor of the Year in his first year with Vancouver Board of Trade’s “Leaders of Tomorrow” program.

Six Factor is proud of our Chief Executive Officer and leader Andy Parkins. We know he is honored to have been recognized as a top mentor and achiever with the ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ program. He is quick to remind us that many other great business leaders are also donating their time, skills and energy.  They also deserve congratulations for a job well done, while working to make British Columbia a better place for business.

In his LinkedIn thank-you message Andy gave credit to Jaswinder Singh his mentoree, now placed as a full time Student Information Services Officer at Capilano University. Jaswinder played a key role in recognizing Andy’s success in mentorship skills.

Andy’s Parkins – Six Factor Leader and Mentor

Six Factor is honored to have Andy as its CEO and leader in its rapidly growing team. The company consists of development and training coaches, software and cloud engineers, and customer account managers. As its CEO and mentor, Andy has been instrumental in building Six Factor’s partnership success with Google as their leading partner in Western Canada. As Andy says most-of-all:

“We are a people-first company, we just happen to do amazing stuff with technology thanks to Google.”

Starting-up Six Factor back in 2015, Andy and his team have worked with many clients to build great solutions. As partners, Six Factor and Google deliver real customer value. Andy and his team work alongside amazing companies like the Vancouver Canucks, Hootsuite, The Strongman Group, Nurse Next Door, and Devonshire Properties – where a people-first mindset really matters. From its first customer WA-2!, the coffee, water, and tea company, it has collaborated with many clients to provide full business solutions. We build solutions around people, not technology. Only this way can we deliver lasting value.

“Our passion at Six Factor is to empower people and tap into their shared energy through identifying innovative ways to use cloud technology. Whether migrating existing on-premise legacy IT to cloud web services, building new solutions and services, or running one of our High Performing Team workshops, it really all comes down to enabling people relationships that build equal levels of trust.” say Andy, when asked what was his winning factor behind the award.

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