Build success due to Six Factor consulting


Our approach is simple and effective. We focus on getting to know our clients first, so that success is achieved in small chunks. This approach builds trust purposely and organically, building successes on top of successes.

Using Google Cloud technology and G-Suite, we guide you to the best modern tools for business process improvement. Achieve the incredible with the Cloud, and transform how you do work.

Consulting that supports your mission and vision.

Bring Purpose

Our consulting helps you find pain points and lost value. It brings to light roots causes of business problems and shows you how to solve them We work to focus your capabilities, and align them with your mission. We show you the purpose and benefits of Cloud technology – the best way forward. Our measurable approach means results are consistent and best in class.

Consulting that builds business value.

Deliver Value

We engage with you and create new business value, with a 3 stage approach: 1) Know the costs of ‘doing nothing’ so that the value of change is clear to everyone. 2) Show you the benefits of Google Cloud technology and how it saves you time and money. 3) Define a roadmap for continuous improvement and long-term success.

Consulting that is dynamic and flexible.

Add Innovation

Our strategic insights and expert partners give our customers added value. Our expertise is unique and we offer more as a Google partner. Being an early adopter of Cloud technology gives you a competitive edge in your industry and sector.

How are our consulting services unique and valuable?

  • We use measurable practices, to deliver and validate achievements.
  • Our work improves overall business performance and efficiency.
  • We don’t stop until our clients are happy with the results and metrics.
  • Our relationships are strong, because we position ourselves as ‘critical friend’ to clients.
  • We use analytics to measure performance and benefits.
  • Our commitment to collaboration builds trust and helps achieve optimal solutions.
  • We help you think ‘outside the box’ and ‘beyond the box’ with Cloud technology.
  • Our access to tools and insights from Google gives you an industry-leading advantage.


Six Factor is a Cloud-Capability Company


We help you integrate your key resources; your People, Processes and Tools. We empower your employees, modernize your processes, and give you a more efficient toolkit.


We strive for excellence, as Western Canada’s Leading Google Cloud Partner. Our promise is that we go above and beyond the call of duty, to give you the power of Cloud technology and use it to win big with your business.


We are passionate because our relationships with clients are greatest source of pride and purpose. With a dedicated fun-loving attitude, we embrace the moment and use data-driven Cloud solutions for the next revolution in efficiency.


Our people are key to our ability to create successful partnerships and build trust with clients. We channel our energy and spirit to be Six Factor RITE while building our businesses together:


Respect – for ourselves, peers, customers, and community.

Integrity –  in our relationships and the way we conduct ourselves.

Trust – in each other to build long-term and lasting relationships.

Equality – knowing we all play a valuable role in our communities.


We offer consulting with a full range of capabilities in Cloud technology


We challenge the status quo with expertise in organizational design and app architecture. Our partnership with Google is a source of strength and expertise. We provide valuable insights and purposeful business solutions for your People, Processes, and Tools. Solutions found through our business consulting service will improve your workplace’s efficiency, and adjust behaviours and attitudes for positive and sustainable results.


Accomplish more with our business consulting services


We help small businesses to enterprises motivate their staff to take advantage of Cloud technology, reduce waste, and improve revenues. Our consulting services provide the following benefits:


  • Business and technology health assessments
  • Business continuity planning and optimization
  • Building a high performing team culture
  • Building workable business strategy for achievable outcomes
  • Innovation Labs – New ways to tackle old business practices
  • Business training to improve workflow integration


All our services can be tailored to fully address the needs of our clients.

For more information on the Six Factor advantage and what we can do for your business, please check out our Managed Services.