Renew G Suite for Another Year at 2018 Rates!

*Renewal deal applies only to 10+ accounts

Google raised its G Suite prices on April 2, 2019. Renew through us today and enjoy reduced rates!


On April 2, Google increased its G Suite rates. As Google Partners, we offer today’s G Suite listed prices for another year*!
Switching to Six Factor has no delays, no transfer fees and we will handle your migration to ensure the process is as easy and simple as possible.
* Applies only to 10+ accounts, and further discounts are available on licensing over 45 users.

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Our consulting helps you find pain points and lost value. It brings to light roots causes of business problems and shows you how to solve them We work to focus your capabilities, and align them with your mission. We show you the purpose and benefits of Cloud technology – the best way forward. Our measurable approach means results are consistent and best in class.

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We engage with you and create new business value, with a 3 stage approach: 1) Know the costs of ‘doing nothing’ so that the value of change is clear to everyone. 2) Show you the benefits of Google Cloud technology and how it saves you time and money. 3) Define a roadmap for continuous improvement and long-term success.

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Our strategic insights and expert partners give our customers added value. Our expertise is unique and we offer more as a Google partner. Being an early adopter of Cloud technology gives you a competitive edge in your industry and sector.