G-Suite Training

Custom coaching and mentoring solutions to empower your people and teams with new, more effective ways of working.

The Six Factor Coaching Methodology

Our Training and Coaching labs are delivered via three distinct methods:

Tools-based training.


This is tool-based learning – helping you find your way around the G-Suite toolset and learning its basic functionality. This will help your people develop a basic level of competence, allowing you to quickly see real positive change in working practices.

Custom coaching solutions.


From measuring behavioural change after our initial training, we then move into coaching. Coaching is much more tailored towards the individual and their specific role, guiding them to find impactful and efficient ways of performing day-to-day responsibilities, so as to leave more time every day to innovate and add value for your business.

Training your team leaders.


Once your people are finding efficient ways of using the Google Cloud toolset, key leaders,champions, and power users will emerge. Through regular touch-points and tailored content, mentoring will ensure that your teams are well-structured to collaborate, share knowledge, and create enduring business value from using the G-Suite toolset.


G-Suite is a great toolset, but without well-trained users the tools stay firmly in the toolbox. Empower your people to think beyond the (tool) box with new, more effective ways of working that drive true, positive business change. Change can be daunting, so a structured program of training will help banish any change-related anxiety and allow your users to get the most out of their working day. In person or by webinar, Six Factor’s Certified Trainers provide professional coaching every step of the way, to set your teams up for success.

Tailor-made training

We all start from different places and have different learning needs. Six Factor’s bespoke training ensures that your people don’t just get an instruction manual. We provide impactful, interactive learning labs that are, above all, relevant to your people’s roles within the organisation. Through pre-training surveys, we ensure that our solutions are delivered at an appropriate level for all manner of users across your business. Through post-training surveys and regular check-ins, we track the metrics required to find out if the learning has “stuck” and if any further help is needed to get your people and teams functioning at an optimal level.

Power Shots for low adoption

If your business has been on G-Suite for some time but you are still seeing inefficient working practices, Six Factor can help with our training Power Shots. We tailor the training to your people’s current skill base, and work with you to understand your business and develop use cases and optimal work flows that make sense for you, your employees, and customers.

Want to learn more? Check out our info on skills development for tech trainers, and Google’s G Suite Learning Center.