Solutions based on Google's best-in-class practices.

Google Cloud Services

It makes sense not to put all your eggs into one basket. Google cloud solutions will improve the security of your data and your clients’ data. Technology needs to provide high availability to your data but not lock you out from it if something or someone fails. Build your solutions for high availability and geo redundancy. We can show you how.

The power of Google Cloud Computing

Compute On Demand

Per minute billing and real time compute power on demand, are the key tools for running technology with efficiency and affordability. Cloud technology requires a re-learning of traditional system administrator practices so Compute on Demand really equals Compute on Demand. We can help with this behaviour shift.

Save time and money with Google cloud solutions.

Cheaper Better Faster

Cloud machine learning provides productive benefits that are relevant to the bottom line of any business. Not all clouds are the same however, some are dark and stormy and some are bright and fluffy. Let us help you navigate the pathway so you avoid a perfect storm.

Secure Your Information with Google Cloud Solutions

Data is at the core of our daily lives, but the increased real-time usage of information  is changing the way we work, communicate and decide how to get things done. We now rely on “digital assistants” to do the most basic tasks from email managment to booking a show. While all this is great, we need to work with tools that also protect us from misuse or mistakes by others.

  • People should have easy access to their data but be notifed when there are data breaches before it becomes too late.
  • With the Internet of Things we are going to be inundated with data
  • Define trip wires so you know when and who is trying to access your data
  • Stop the flow of sensitive data outside your organization’s boundaries

10 Cloud Solutions for Your Organization

Discover 10 ways Cloud helps improve processes, solve problems and transform the way you do business.

  1. Google Cloud will give you business continuity on all your business services
  2. You will be able to replace your Disaster Recovery Plan with an Always On High Availibility Solution
  3. Access your data from anywhere, anytime, any place, securely
  4. Your data systems will be backed by the worlds most advanced security practices
  5. Combine data intelligence to offer contextual solutions based on your insights of your customers needs in real time.
  6. Use big compute power when needed, as needed – all delivered in real-time.
  7. Your product or service could contain information about a unique users location and surroundings by integrating Maps.
  8. Run your apps with massive scalability
  9. Accurate and timely deliveries with the use of Maps.
  10. Enormous opportunity to connect static devices, such as TVs, thermostats, vehicles, planes, phones etc