The World's Most Popular Maps Working For You

The World’s Most Popular Maps Working For You

Google Maps is constantly improving with tens of millions of updates made each day throughout the world, pushing the boundaries of user experience.

Accomplish More With Google Maps on Mobile

Accomplish More With Google Maps on Mobile

Use Google Maps API to help buyers find homes, deliver packages, provide emergency response, all with accurate location centric sites and apps.

Google Maps Drive Innovation

Google Maps Drive Innovation

Machine Learning and Maps will connect devices with dynamic, intelligent and productive benefits that are relevant, rich and personal.

Google Maps Provides Detailed and Accurate Information

Maps have always been core to our lives, but the role of maps is changing from simply being an aid for navigation and direction to being a service that improves our daily lives. Whether it’s booking a rideshare, monitoring your fitness  or tracking your food delivery, maps have moved far beyond being a “thing finder”  to being the “ultimate digital assistant”.

  • 60% of searches on Google Search have a location intention
  • The forecast is that there will be 40 billion connected devices by 2020
  • 15 Lenses provide a 360° panoramic image at 65 megapixel resolution
  • 5 million unique miles of road imagery collected, since 2007

10 Google Maps Solutions For Your Organization

Discover 10 ways Maps help improve processes, solve problems and transform the way you do business.

  1. Maps will amplify what’s great about your offering, elevated it to a place where it has much greater disruptive potential.
  2. Location intelligence can offer you contextual solutions based on your proximity to another user, a place, the service and so forth.
  3. Combine Maps with your solution to create multi dimensional, location-based, insightful data, all delivered in real-time.
  4. Your product or service could contain information about a unique users location and surroundings by integrating Maps.
  5. Predictive travel alerts which leverage Machine Learning for transport and logistics services.
  6. Geo-Targeted and relevant promotions for customers and retail organizations.
  7. Richer, relevant, location based and more useful personal sharing for social platforms.
  8. Geo-centric predictive alerts for major weather changes to assist public and insurance companies.
  9. Accurate and timely deliveries with the use of Maps.
  10. Enormous opportunity to connect static devices, such as TVs, thermostats, vehicles, planes, phones and more.

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