G Suite includes the world's most popular email.

Get the world’s most popular email for your domain

Use the Gmail you love with G Suite ― for business. Get custom email, 24/7 support, 30GB of storage, spam protection and more. Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients.

Work on mobile devices, without an internet connection.

Email on mobile devices, even without a connection

Get powerful iOS and Android apps. Across mobile and desktop, you can read and draft messages when you don’t have internet, and they’ll be sent when you’re back online.

Go beyond email with chat and video.

Conversations that go beyond email with chat and video

Chat with a colleague, dial a customer’s phone number and host or join a video meeting straight from your inbox with Google Hangouts.

The cloud is no longer a leap of faith. It’s now mainstream.

G Suite was born, and runs, purely in the cloud. It can help your organization with professional email, shared calendars, storage and more ― all in one cloud-based suite.

When we surveyed 800 business leaders about their habits and approaches, a trend emerged among the fastest growers. They share similar attitudes about workplace technology that set them apart from other companies.

More than 80 percent of fast-growing companies see technology as vital to their success. That number drops to just 63 percent for non-growth companies.

Three-quarters of fast-growing businesses put their IT team front and center. They’re seen as essential members of the workforce, not supporting players. Only half of their no-growth counterparts can say the same.

Eighty-one percent of fast-growing companies proactively hunt for the latest and greatest technology. No-growth businesses are significantly less likely to do so.

Eighty percent of fast-growing businesses try out new things, including technology, to boost productivity. That’s only true for 56 percent of no-growth peers.

G Suite ― Are you getting the hidden extra?

Did you know the cost of your G Suite licences includes a range of partner services?

Ask us how you can tap into these extra value add services

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