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Solutions to drive
increased operational efficiency

When thinking about your business, what keeps you awake at 4 am? If you could change one given process or situation to help people become more efficient, what would it be?

On a day-to-day basis, your most important systems and processes predicate how efficient your business can be, and how effective the company is in delivering its products and services to customers. How do you know if your technology solutions are doing what they are supposed to do, or if they are part of the problem?

Six Factor’s goal with our Business Technology Health Assessment is to ensure that our clients can identify what’s going well, and what’s getting in the way of success.

Digital Tools

Six Factor is Western Canada’s leading Google Cloud Partner. We bring to you a deep skillset in all things Google Cloud. Our Customer Engineering services provide success and great adoption practices for your teams when moving to Google Workspace. Our goal is to enable you to empower your people with effective collaborative and communication practices to help them get stuff done.

Improve Communications and Collaboration

Google Workspace makes working together easier and ensures that companies can unify their teams around a common purpose. By giving teams the right tools to collaborate in real-time, they have the power to create and innovate in new ways. With Google Workspace, teams are more engaged, productive, and mobile — driving your business forward.

Team reviews and analyzes operational dashboard.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Business is faced with adapting to new business conditions — just consider the impact of the pandemic on operations and Work-From-Home environments. Six Factor can identify your toughest technology challenges, reduce IT spend, improve supportability and integration between systems, and ensure that you are prepared for whatever challenges come next.

Engage People

Human connection is crucial. Did you know that 1 in 3 employees feel disconnected from their teams — particularly in Work-From-Home environments? Google Workspace is built for people: a recent survey showed that 68% of team members enjoy working more than in other work environments. And we all know that engaged employees equals higher retention, which means better productivity and relationships in the business.

To understand more about how Six Factor’s Business Technology Health Assessment will get your business to the next level, contact the Products Team at 604.425.2266 today.