About Six Factor – Your Cloud Solutions Provider

Why (we exist to provide Cloud solutions)

With our professional consulting services, and team of cloud solutions experts, we create solutions that solve your problems for your business. With passion, we embrace your needs to help you overcome roadblocks to short and long-term success. If you want more leverage from your investments in technology, or are just frustrated with your business progress, we understand your needs and find you the best solutions using cloud technology.

Bring Purpose

Use Cloud solutions to bring purpose to your business.

Deliver Value

We deliver new value with solutions that use cutting-edge technology.

Add Innovation

Using the newest cloud technologies makes us leaders in creating innovative solutions.

What (we do for your business)

We keep you up to speed on changes in technology, so you thrive as a result of innovation rather than surviving due to old IT. Success does not always come easy, and our cloud-based approach makes your path easier by using optimal solutions. We work with you to help you focus on your needs, and not stress over technical detail. We build trust with you by ensuring we deliver changes and IT services in line with your needs and expectations.

Our value proposition is to always provide you solutions tailored to your needs, while delivering exceptional customer service and proven results. We apply our skills to maximize your successes and minimize system related failures.

Our goal is to give you the best advice to empower your decision-makers. Let us earn a place of trust on your speed dial, with our hands-on approach and expert advice. We are always available to help you resolve your problems with technology and business processes.

Six Factor has had great success delivering real success with clients. Our mission is simple: craft successful value-based solutions are easily digested in small chunks. At Six Factor, incremental progress adds up to big wins. Our teams act Six Factor SMART to maximize the benefits to your business. If our purpose rings true with you, let’s meet over a coffee and start scoring some goals.


How (we create SMART solutions)

Our Six Factor SMART (6FS) framework (customer login required) is the heart of our services. This framework is what makes our business stand out. 6FS allows strong engagement, and allows you to own the solutions we create together. Your decision-makers will learn skills that help them adopt best-in class behaviors and practices. Supporting and empowering your people is our raison-d’être. Our 6FS practices are a great addition to your business toolbox, consequently helping you maximize returns on your investments in technology. 

We equip your team with secure real-time communications, and next-level business technology practices. We love nothing more than rolling up our sleeves to collaborate with our clients, using cloud tools to create the right results.

Supporting us is our strong partnership with Google and other great connections in the technology industry. With this support, we ensure you don’t just survive your IT – you thrive because of it.


Consider one or more of our services for your business:


We excel in adding innovation and bringing focus to your business practices and technology. Six Factor provides you with a set of professional services that build value through:

1) Operational Excellence

2) Business Simplification, and most importantly –

3) Exceptional Customer Service


Start today with a free consultation and a technology health assessment. We provide you with rapid insights into how you can best manage change and new technology solutions.


Learn more about Six Factor’s cloud-based solutions and services by visiting our Business Consulting page, or email us at [email protected]