Using the right tools for the job is the secret to competitive advantage, sustainable quality and ongoing operational efficiency.

Software that is easy to use and fun to master.

Usability First Design

We have all come to expect that good technology is transparent. Usability and access to data is the key factor in helping the right person make informed decisions at the right time. While security, reliability, performance and flexibility are givens in today’s world, they still need to be factored in. We do this on your behalf so you have the right solution to your needs.

Software development with best practices in data management.

Data Driven Technology

In today’s online and integrated world your data is the second most critical business asset after your people. Our design skills ensure future proof solutions so you don’t lock your valuable information within your application so it becomes inaccessible to future needs.


24-7 software to empower your pocket (and pocketbook).

Anytime Anywhere

For data to be relevant it needs to be accessible from any device anywhere and securely. Your solution needs also to provide this capability at an affordable cost. This is easier said than done, but with our expertise we will take this potential pain point away.

We Provide Full and Assisted Mobile App and Cloud Development Services

Let us create your specialised app that optimizes and integrates into your business operations. We provide secure smartphone apps and cloud solutions tailored to fit all your business need

Accomplish More With Our Solutions

At Six Factor our mobile first cloud solutions are built to improve your customer service offerings and business operations. We offer flexible work arrangements based on your own capabilities; from pay as you go deliverable based solution cycles, to full ‘skin in the game’ development projects to mitigate your investment risk in technology. We bring heavy duty technology expertise to the table with a light touch.

We differentiate ourselves by ensuring our solutions are business results driven and partner focused. This means we work with you to build out the logistics required to run and maintain your solution from a business perspective once deployed.

With our enterprise class technology services and technical skills we will ensure your solution is fit for purpose.

  • Use our quick start Pilot Plan to prove your idea will work as needed
  • Use our Solution Plan to gain access to the missing skills you need
  • Use our Full Delivery and Hosting Plan to create a partnership for success and ongoing opportunity

All our plans come with options for help desk support services, and much more.

Why our Solution Service is Unique?

We offer:

  1. Development of native apps on Android and iPhone
  2. A full solution development and deployment service
  3. Usability driven workflow design workshops
  4. Backend solution hosting and integration
  5. On going client and business support
  6. Security assured solutions
  7. 24/7/365 support, server and device monitoring
  8. Flexible payment plans and licensing schemes

We work with you to ensure the right business outcomes are being achieved from the solutions we provide to you. We will help you think ‘outside the box’ to create the best way forward by bringing the latest available technology options and insights to the table.

The foundation for cloud capability in our software development is G Suite. Learn more about G Suite Integration with Six Factor.