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UNLOCK THE HIDDEN TALENTS IN YOUR BUSINESS. Invest in your people to empower and prepare them for the new normal. With a deeper understanding of the needs and behaviours of people in your care, you are better able to improve productivity.​

Six Factor is giving Greater Vancouver Board of Trade members a free personal behavioural assessment from our Living Leadership program for you to create the high performing teams you need to re-establish your business practices.

Proactively design winning teams to achieve best results

Know your management style to enable staff to reach their full potential

Understand how to align your team to work collaboratively together

Develop your staff teams to mentor and coach each other

Craft a personal communication style for everyone in your organization

Inspire your people to find their greatness

Lead versus Manage

Adapt your mindset to ‘change’ and you can effectively lead your business through anything. Six Factor’s Living Leadership program will keep you focused on the things that matter most to your organization’s success, and discover how to know your own needs and tap into your true potential.

If you take on the entire program, you can improve your communication and collaboration skills, build agility into your relationship practices, and grow as a leader at your own pace. The first step to being a great leader is to understand where you are now.

Behavioural Assessment

One quick assessment: deep understanding. The Performance Index assessment is an untimed, free-choice, stimulus-response tool that measures motivating drives and needs. Created and certified by the EFPA and in use for more than 60 years, thousands of businesses have used this behavioural assessment to understand what makes people tick and tap into their skills and energy.

Let Six Factor show you how to assess and interact with a person's or team's key behavioural traits so they can learn how to build stronger communication practices, apply more effective decision-making, and take bolder, more positive action. 

Unlock your hidden talent

Upon registration, choose your complimentary ‘Behavioural Assessment’ from the menu, or add a cognitive skills test for a small additional fee.