Get your business strategy on a page

An effective and proven business communication tool to facilitate alignment in outcomes when setting shared stakeholder goals

To ensure effective stakeholder conversation it helps to produce your business Strategy On A Page (SOAP). Executing strategy based on CIO driven outcomes to align critical thinking, helps your people take ownership of the actions needed to score the goals needed. Our collaborative-based CIO driven workshop delivers you success.


…Before it was like herding stray cats, Six Factor’s virtual CIO service quickly helped us get on the same page and all facing the same direction….


As an agile business practice, creating a business SOAP provides a collaborative business ability to quickly align and mature leadership thinking on customer service offerings. The net result is organizational clarity on shared ambition, visualization on what success looks like and alignment on goals and next steps.


Booking a CIO lead workshop through Six Factor will help you rapidly acquire the business blueprint and supporting road-map needed to grow competitive advantage. Start today by making an actionable choice on what to do. Contact us!




  • Clarity on actionable IT results that will achieve your business goals.
  • Make IT strategy an effective communication tool at the executive table.
  • Capture outcome-based critical thinking in one place to align stakeholders.
  • Engage in collaborative sessions with other stakeholders to gain their hands-on buy in.
  • Align on the goals and targets that keep you and your technology competitive.
  • Build upon trusted relationships at pace and with critical focus.
  • Leverage and empower your investment in your people.
  • Make your organization smarter and more DISRUPTIVE to competitors!


“…Clear concise and actionable strategy, with a lot of our fingerprints on the end result …. Mark T”

Why run a CIO driven workshop by Six Factor?


Insight: Focus your teams on the real technology goals that empower them to achieve their own targets


Usability: Provide your people with easy to adopt communication skills to maximizes their business contribution


Reliability: Know your results have been validated by the teams you trust – your people


Performance: Deliver a working strategy in 90 minutes through focused collaboration with your key stakeholders


Flexibility: Enable effective stakeholder buy-in by tailoring the workshop to suit your business ambition


Stability: Gain common understanding and consensus within and across your teams.

To learn more about Six Factor’s ability to help you build and execute actionable strategy, visit or email [email protected] for a free consultation.