Time For Your IT Health Assessment?

to gain the IT road-map and insights needed to improve your information sharing.

A Six Factor Technology health assessment rapidly prepares you to gain success by providing key insights into next steps needed to make the right actionable business choices to leverage your organization’s IT. We help you better understand what is your status quo, what to do next and how best to do it. The deliverable set from this quick-win engagement exercise is;

  • Your IT Health Assessment report
  • Your Information Technology roadmap
  • Shared learnings on how to help you reduce technical debt causing operational inefficiencies.

Your Assessment will measure two key factors; Technical debt: the hidden business cost occurring from technology trade offs previously taken to get stuff done at pace and now forcing operational practices to compensate for the shortfalls taken, and Operational debt: the quantified measure of lost business revenue occurring from inefficient work practices.

The larger your technology debt, the lower the operational efficiency and the higher the lost revenue potential. Net effect is business frustration at the lack of the right data and tools to enable smarter work habits. Insights into how to improve collaboration across your people, accessibility to information and automating workflows, are all winning practices highlighted in your assessment report that help sharpen and maintain your competitive business edge.

In rapid time, a Six Factor health assessment will deliver actionable business insights and a technical recovery pathway to increase revenue generating opportunities by as much as 30%. Our structured assessment practice, incorporates the formal enterprise architecture technique known as Trade-off Analysis. In your report, we don’t just tell you where IT is falling short, we give you a business driven action plan to fine tune your IT so it embraces your business needs.

“…Our assessment presented us with the recommendations we needed to update our IT at the pace that was right for us… Dave E”


  • Validate your technology’s health and its alignment to ongoing business need.
  • Proactively measure and counter strike against the technical debt weighing down your organization.
  • Gain insights that identify the right IT priorities to address core business challenges.
  • Define a technology health care program that effectively supports your business revenue streams.
  • Gain peace of mind in knowing you’re making the technology work for your teams not against them.
  • Leverage your investment in IT rather than be a slave to IT
  • Be smarter and DISRUPTIVE to your competitors

Why a Six Factor Technology Health Assessment?

Insight: Reflection is telling you only yesterday’s errors. Learn tomorrow’s innovation opportunities.

Usability: Empower your people with the right collaborative tool-sets to best leverage their skills and practices

Reliability: Know your technology’s weak spots and how to proactively evolve away from them

Performance: Drive up business revenue gains to differentiate you from the rest of the pack

Flexibility: Keep the lights on while knowing how to adapt your IT to improve operational efficiency.

Stability: Take IT off your business risk register knowing it is maximized for service to your customers and staff

To learn more about Six Factor’s ability to help you assess your IT health risks and mitigate against them, visit www.sixfactor.com or email [email protected] to request a free consultation.