Today most of our available data is accessed instantaneously while being maintained by some form of technology system. More likely, that technology system will be located in a bright fluffy cloud somewhere.


Data when applied in context to a business or sociable situation creates information. This is then analysed by knowledge workers (system or human) to create actionable intelligence. Once derived, this information intelligence is then pushed into the decision maker’s hands (Artificial or Human) to create timely and sometimes valuable action. A business limited in its access to the right information at the right time will stall, leaving itself open to misinterpretation, miscommunication, delays and missed opportunities.


Data in today’s terms is much more that just simple rich text. Due to technology advances, visual and audible data is now included in our search algorithms that are keeping us better informed and creative in our quests for answers. Text & images (Google) and sound (Shazam) are all being searched at blistering speeds, to return useful insights and to simulate new behaviors. If that was not enough to keep us occupied and entertained, there has also been a subtle yet significant shift over the last 9-7 years in the way we interact with our information. We have changed from being process bound regulated consumers of data being told what to know, when to know it and when to know it, to event driven information junkies with ADD where we dictate what we want to react to, in what format and when.


It is not surprising that the popular business trends of business intelligence and predicative analytics (what do I know and what will happen next) have taken center stage in a world full of ADD information junkies. So why is it important to recognize these changes?


In the past, to stay business competitive you kept a few steps ahead of the opposition. Today, to be competitive you must now disrupt your competition. Being disruptive means continually evolving the way you operate at an exponential pace to out fox and out-run your competition. This business change is a paradigm shift that we all need to be take note of and plan to be on top of the information wave driving it not under it.


The path to disruptive work practices are starting to emerge, as we all figure out how to navigate this period of exponential growth using technological innovation. It’s important that we don’t just try to solve the business challenges of today i.e. new tools same behaviors. Rather, we must anticipate and adapt to what we will face tomorrow when choosing our information technology services, solutions, so our people thrive in these changing times.


The new working style is disruptive collaborative i.e. learn fast, fail faster and win together. We at Six Factor are looking for business players wanting to take this next step with us in the quest to retain a competitive information advantage. If you would be interested to hear more on how we can do this for your company, give us a call.