to drive business forward

Transform your business into a data-driven performance organization with Six Factor's smart business solutions and software products.

Diverse business members work smarter, create people-first solutions to improve your business productivity and efficiency
A team member offers to enhance skills, empower high performance teams culture, and leadership with Google Workspace


Empower a high performance team culture with Six Factor’s Living Leadership program and interactive Google Workspace learning labs.

A team member shows how to optimize technology, unify data management, and automate, integrate, and optimize your systems


Leverage your technology capability, unify data management, and automate, integrate, and optimize your systems.

Diverse team members maximize performance for greater productivity, best practice, and to create operational excellence


Build greater productivity, discover best practice techniques, empower and create operational excellence.

Business colleagues work together, develop people-first solutions, and assist you with best practices as Google partner
Google Cloud Partner logo. Six Factor is the leading Google Cloud Platform partner in Western Canada

About Six Factor

Six Factor is a people-first business solutions company, and Google’s leading Cloud Partner in Western Canada. We provide tailored software to improve business performance and operational efficiency. As a Google partner, we help you with best practices to leverage the talents within your teams to achieve incredible results.

Achieve Incredible

Six Factor’s Achieve Incredible Framework is a living mindset that seeks to infuse best-in-class work disciplines and team practices. As a framework and methodology, it creates a shared-purpose that improves decision making, communication protocols, and use of best practices.

Dynamic teams achieve incredible together, with best practices, methodologies, and disciplines to enhance performance