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Actionable business improvement
to achieve operational success

Best Practices

Imagine if there was an effective solution today, to solve your main work challenges around work efficiency and team communication. As a business leadership consultant and software developer, Six Factor has a number of products and services available to ensure your business operates under the best possible practices going forward:

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Playbooks – Capture your corporate value and intellectual property in a library of documents that become baseline standards for how and why you do things and identify the specific practices and technologies that make you different. Read more...

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Nudges – A business process management software tool that is powered by the very people committed to your business outcomes. Features include a real-time process visualization dashboard, and a process flow engine that shows milestones, commitments, and tasks in one comprehensive perspective.
Status: in prototype.
Demonstration available.

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Knowledge Management – An effective knowledge management system reduces costs of inefficiency by making company knowledge more available, accessible, and accurate. It is a ‘single source of truth’ — made up of a library of knowledge bases and systems that enable teams to access information, facilitate training, and foster collaboration. Read more...

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Operational Health Assessment

Six Factor’s Operational Health Assessment delivers an actionable business improvement plan with recommendations for how leadership can tap into and harness the existing energy within the team to better achieve sustainable successes. We focus our assessment on listening and appreciating multiple perspectives to discover the potential to be gained through effective action. Read more...

High-Performance Teams

Sustainable business optimization is all about how you can empower your people to find their greatness. Six Factor is a perfect fit to assist leadership with the coaching needed to build the skill sets needed to run high-performance teams. With our Living Leadership framework and people development toolsets, we create outstanding mentors and leaders in your teams. Before you know it, your own champions will initiate huge improvements to affect positive change in your business. Read more...